Install RFCSDK on Linux

Posted on October 17, 2014

This SDK is only available on the SAP Market Place. SDKs are available in the category called Additional Components. You are going to get a SAR file, this is a compressed file, to extract the files contained in this file you will need a tool called SAPCAR, that again is available at the SAP Market Place in the same category.

Now that you have both, SAPCAR and the SAR file, you should run the following command to extract your files:


Note that your SAPCAR and RFCSDK.SAR file may be different depending on the version that you are downloading.

Running that command will generate a new folder called rfcsdk. The easy way to put that libraries in your system is to copy the contents of rfcsdk/lib to your /usr/lib path, and rfcsdk/include to /lib/include, obviously you must be root to do that.

    sudo cp rfcsdk/lib/* /usr/lib/
    sudo cp rfcsdk/include/* /usr/include/

Now you have that libraries, needed by many programs and programming languages like PHP, Python, Ruby, in order to have a communication with the SAP System.