Recommended field in ABAP Report

Posted on February 27, 2015

When we create Modul Pool programs we can set the property Recommended to a field, the field displays a symbol and the user knows that it is an “obligatory” field, but if the user let the field empty, the program will work because it is not an obligatory field, just recommended.

In ABAP reports we can create that behaviour too, but it takes a little of ABAP coding. Here is how to do it in an ABAP report:

REPORT zexample.

PARAMETERS: p_ebeln LIKE ekko-ebeln,
            p_ebel2 LIKE ekko-ebeln.

    LOOP AT screen.
        IF screen-name = 'P_EBELN'.
            screen-required = 2.
            MODIFY screen.
        ELSEIF screen-name = 'P_EBEL2'.
            screen-required = 1.
            MODIFY screen.

    WRITE: 'Recommended field in ABAP Report'.

This report contains 2 parameters, and both seems to be obligatory:

But, if you leave the first field blank and hit F8, program will be executed and the final output is reached: