Error importing a Python module in Vim

Posted on August 10, 2015

I wanted to test a Vim plugin I created a long time ago, but I was receiving an error:

But when I imported the module in the command line everything went fine, so I supposed that the Python imterpreter used by Vim used a different path to read the Python modules.

To know the path that PythonVim is using I executed the following function in Vim:

:python import sys
:python print sys.path

Vim printed a Python list with each path considered by the interpreter, I realized that the site-packages path was not listed there. So, in my plugin, I created a new Vim function to add the site-packages directory to the current path:

import sys
for path in sys.path:
    if path[-3:] == 'Lib':
        sys.path.append(path + '\\site-packages')

Then in the main function of my plugin I checked if the import of my library was successfull, if not then I call the Vim function A4V_addpath():

import vim
    import easysap
except Exception, e: