Live Coding

Posted on April 21, 2016

I’ve been watching some people code using LiveCodingTV and Twitch (I prefer the first one), here’s what I’ve learned so far about Live Coding:

If you want to watch people code I recommend , because this community is focused on programming, Twitch is focused on gaming, but there are some programmers that use Twitch. One thing I don’t like about Twitch is that, if some performer plays copyrighted music, Twitch automatically detect it and removes that part of the audio from previous recorded videos :(, we can’t even hear the programmer’s voice. Maybe you can use Jamendo to set background Music.

The purpose of livecoding is to share your knowledge, the process of building your product gets documented on video, also you let people know about your product. Also allows users to make a donation.

Perform a Live Coding Session

If you want to stream your coding session, you have to Sign Up to or .

If you chose LiveCoding, you can follow the Streamer Guide to set up your account and Streaming Software.

You can use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) to Stream to LiveCoding or Twitch. OBS can be installed on Windows, OSX and Linux.

There is another Client for Linux called AVCaster, I haven’t tried it yet, but according to a LiveCoding newsletter, this software runs better than OBS.

Live Coding Channels I Follow

My Experience Livecoding

I decided to start live coding, mostly because, as you may notice, English is not my native language, and because I love programming and learning new things. It is a very special experience. I got stuck a lot of times with very simple issues, but I’m not used to be talking and programming, streaming, etc, all at the same time. I really liked the experience, I want to do it again, and make it better everytime.

I will develop a very simple Test/Quizz web page using AngularJS and Scotty (Haskell Web Framework).

You can check my channel and see my first live coding here:

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